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LED Operating Light (Dental Unit Mountable Type)

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Strong Point ( Medical LED Light )
With usage of Power LED Lamp  
- Semi-permanent lifespan (average LED life ≒ 50,000h)
- Low electrical absorption
- No UV radiation and heat from the lamp
Quadrupled brightness than Dental light
  Dental light
Convenient additional functions
- Control of the Illuminance (45 ~ 100%)
- Focus adjustment function (Ø 10 ~ 25cm)
- Color temperature selection (4300K or 5500K)
- Sterilizable handle
Plug and play installation and movement
- smoothly and freely movement like dental light
- Instead of ceiling type operating light, GLU-12 can be mounted on dental unit.
Model : GLU-12
Glu 12
Twelve power LED
Three color
Luminosity adjustor

Twelve Power LED

Three Color

Luminosity Adjustor

Sterilizable handle and universal arm
Dental unit mounting example

Sterilizable handle and
universal Arm

Dental Unit Mounting


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