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Light for OB/Gyn table | LED OB Gyn light

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Strong Point
① First of a kind in the world that uses LED lamp as a light for OB/Gyn table (Patented)
② Bright and clear light with 50,000 Lux
③ Using LED lamp, making it Semi-permanent life (100,000hours)
④ Accessible to Operating field at close range due to its small size
⑤ No UV radiation
⑥ Suitable for operating because of no heat from the lamp
⑦ Smooth movement to the desired location due to high -tensile spring
⑧ Low noise, excellent heatsink design
⑨ Light Spot (9cm at 25cm)
⑩ Easy to installation
Light gead
[Light Head]
Model : GLU-1
Glu 1 (1)
Glu 1 (2)

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