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Operating Headlight

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Strong Point
① Brightness is more than 50,000 Lux
② Semi-permanent life with usage of LED lamp (100,000hours)
③ No UV radiation
④ Suitable for operating because of no heat from the lamp
⑤ Use Li-ion battery that can be recharged more than 800 times
⑥ 3-Hours of continual use with one recharge
⑦ Delicate design without any exposed wires
⑧ Excellent heatsink design and economical price
⑨ The head band is made of soft natural leather
⑩ Installation of 1.7x Loupe lens for both eyes of rotating type (option)
⑪ Light Spot (9cm at 25cm)
⑫ Stepless light intensity control (0~100%)
⑬ Lens assembly : scientifically arranged three optical lens
Ks 05

※ Model

Model Light color Type of battery Accessories
KS-05 White Battery integrated type ①x2, ②, ③
Belt clip battery pack type ④, ⑥, ⑦
Total type ①x2, ②, ③, ④, ⑥, ⑦
Ks 05 with loupe
[KS-05 with Loupe]

※ Accessories

① Integrated Battery (2200mA) ② Battery charging holder ③ Charging Adapter (Integrated type)
④ Belt clip Battery pack (4400mA) ⑤ Belt clip Battery pack (8800mA) ⑥ Charging Adapter
(Belt clip battery pack type)
⑦ Cable
(Belt clip battery pack)
⑧ 1.7x Loupe
Ks 05 (battery integrated type) full set
Ks 05 (belt clip battery pack type) full set
[KS-05 (Battery integrated type) full set] [KS-05 (Belt clip battery pack type) full set]
Ks 05 (total type) full set
Battery charging holder and charging adapter
[KS-05 (Total type) full set] [Battery charging holder and charging Adapter]
Integrated battery
Pivot joint
[Integrated Battery] [Pivot Joint]
Loupe mounting
1.7X Loupe
[Loupe mounting] [1.7X Loupe]
Belt clip battery pack
Light comparison(KS 03, KS 05)
[Belt-clip Battery pack] [Light Comparison(KS-03,KS-05)]

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