LED Otoscope

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LED Otoscope

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Strong Point ( LED Otoscope )
① Using the power LED Lamp, the Lamp, has a semi-perment life(100,000hours)
② Sunlight-like Natural white color (white type)
③ 10 times brighter than a halogen lamp
④ Fiber optic cool light type
⑤ Two type of light color (white, warm)
⑥ Sealed system allows for pneumatic otoscope
⑦ Over 3.5hrs of continuos use per one charge
⑧ The charging battery can be used for more than 800 times
⑨ Micro push button switch
⑩ Light weight and durable Aluminium Handle
⑪ Low price and Excellent heatsink design
⑫ Sharpe and Luxary Design.
Rechargeable otoscope
[Rechargeable Otoscope]
Type of Otoscope
Table-top Charger type Rechargeable Otoscope (Light Color:white or warm)
Direct type otoscope set
[Direct type Otoscope set]
Direct Charger type Rechargeable Otoscope (Light Color:white or warm)
Speculum (5, 4, 3, 2.5mm)
Air pump
※ What is the Warm?
It is Power LED which has reddish white light for people who are not accustomed to white natural light due to the prolonged use of the halogen lamp.
Air pump
Speculum set
[Air pump] [Speculum set]

Table-top charger

① luxary design and convenient to store of otoscope and throatscope
② Installed safeguard circuit that get rid of the dangerous cause
③ Indication lamp can be inspect recharging state
table top charger
[Table-top charger] [Table-top charge type k-scope set]

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