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E-manual (Rechargeable type)
All electrification products of K-scope are 3.7V Lithium-ion Battery and it keeps longer life span of the batteries.

1. Feature and Caution of Lithium ion battery
Lithium ion battery has the strongest output and long life span but needs careful treatment because it is different from nickel cadmium and nickel hydrogen.

Strong shock and heat and the damage of circuits might cause explosion. The circuit of preventing heavy electrification connected with the inside of the handle is designed as one unified form that is not removable. Lamp is semi permanent and its life span is 8 years when it is used in normal condition.

2. Method for Recharging and proper time
- Otoscope&Throatscope
Insert the product that recharging is need to the charge hole with switches on;the green light will be turned into the red light and start recharging. When the color of the light is changed to green in 3 and half hours then recharging is finished.

- HeadLight

Put the adaptor for recharging in the main switch and put the electric cable into the front of the headlight, then recharging is starting. When the color of the lamp is red, it means it is recharging and when it becomes green, it means recharging is finishing.

Lithium ion battery has no 'memory effect'. So, it has ho harm to efficiency and life in charging process at any conditions. Complete discharging or frequent charging will shorten the life of the battery.
It is recommended to charge the battery when it gets dim or with a cycle of a week or a month.

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