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what is k-scope?
K-scope is the name for the patent of diagnostic scope that used White Power LED as the light source, and the copyright.And K-scope has a patent in Korea, PCT(Patent Coorporation Treat) and is under patent application process in the US, EU, and Japan.
Any other light sourced diagnostic scopes other than K-scope violate the patent law and they have not normally applied Power LED Technology.
LED & Power LED?
LED is light emitting diode. In the early days of development, it was indicated in every electronic product with such colors as red, blue, green, and orange. However, the three primary colors were mixed to develop single source of light, White LED, in accordance with the principles of sunlight that is a mixture of wave lengths in every light.
Recently, Power LED was developed with such advantages as ten times greater than White LED, semi-permanent life span of the lamps, excellent color of the light, and the low electrical attrition rate in the purpose of explorative climbing and monitoring system in medical electronics as the source of light. It is now the digital source of light beyond the limit of analogue source of lights as halogen and xenon lamp, and represents Electrolumination along with LCD and TFT.

In normal White LED uses expressions of Bright, Ultra bright, and Super bright according to its luminosity. The brightest White LED was 6,000mcd~7,000mcd until three or four years ago, but now it had developed pure natural colored Super LED with 400,000mcd luminosity.
Every medical diagnostic product of K-scope only uses Power LED.

Characteristics of LED

¨ç Higher radiation efficiency with low electrical attrition rate and a large output in a low electric current
¨è Natural brightness as the sunlight with the mixture of three primary colors
¨é No filament use and low heat radiation, and a semi-permanent life span of the lamp (100,000 hours.. 11.4 years)
¨ê Friendly environment with no harmful gas use
¨ë Immediate radiation once charged with electric current due to the energy potential gap of the anodes converting
    to the light energy
¨ì Resistant to shock (no filament)
¨í No ultraviolet rays radiation and no eye fatigue even with long hours of observation


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